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  Reckonize Real - Dopamine
1. The City Rises (feat. Skyzoo)
2. Monsters (feat. Ruste Juxx, Access Immortal & DJ Family Tyz)
3. Babylon World (feat. Noah King & Nieve)
4. Smoke Break (feat. KIN4LIFE)
5. The Business (feat. Torae, M-Dot & Tribeca
6. Beyond Recognition (feat. Reks, Mayhem & ToneDeff CuTz)
7. Essence Rare (feat. Ellementt)
8. From The Ground Up [Reckonize Realmix] (feat. SLiM PiCKENS)
9. Shattered Dreams (feat. Wordsworth)
10. Cut tha Line (feat. Crimdella)
11. Song I Got (feat. Ozay Moore, Jahshua Smith & Ellementt)
12. Day and Night (feat. Median & Kemizt)
13. The Crate Escape
14. East Coast Points Remix (feat. Chaundon, Cymarshall Law, M-Dot & King Magnetic)
15. Home (feat. E-fluent & MyneFrame)
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  A.C.E.  'September Love' -single- Prod. by ToneDeff CuTz

ToneDeff CuTz - The BoomBap Sessions Vol.1
1. BoomBap Sessions 7
2.BoomBap Sessions 8
3. Hard Knock Life
4. He Shot Me Down
5. Look of Love
6. Morning Drive
7. Opertunity
8. Play Me
9. Smokin shit
10. Sunday Dreams

  The Real Deff EP
1. Material That Is Live
  2. Turn-A-Round
  3. East Coast Points (feat. M-Dot, King Magnetic, Chaundon & Cymarshall Law)
  4. Scratchin' The Coast (feat. DJ Family Tyz)
  5. Dream
  6. Underground Raw (feat. Crimson)
  7. The Elite Remix (feat. Ellementt)
  8. From The Flex
  9. Us
  10. Part-time Rapper of the Year (feat. Kid Cubicle)